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BlackBerry Bold gets Telstra's Blue Tick for having the signal strength of a champion

Chris Ziegler

Say you're in the middle of nowhere -- in Australia, by the way -- and you have an urgent need to, say, download and view an Excel spreadsheet in your inbox. What's a fellow to do? Well, one option would be to take a gander at that Palm Treo Pro that has received Telstra's coveted Blue Tick certification for awesome reception in the boondocks, but the problem is that it's so hard to look at the Treo Pro with a straight face these days in light of the fact that the Pre's now an ever-constant presence in our psyche. No worries, though, there's another solid option: Telstra has now awarded the Blue Tick to the BlackBerry Bold, which means even the hardest-core road warriors should have no issue handling email from some of the harshest environs Australia's cell tower-equipped landscape has to offer.

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