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Capcom ships 1 million copies of Monster Hunter 3 for Japan launch


Capcom is anticipating monstrous sales of its Wii-exclusive Monster Hunter 3 in Japan, having shipped one million units of the game to retailers in advance of its launch there this Saturday. As pointed out in a blog post on the publisher's community site, this makes it the first third-party Wii game in Japan to have an initial run of 1M copies.

Saturday's also a big day for Wii in general, as it's also when Nintendo launches a version of the system with a gloss black finish -- including bundles which will have Monster Hunter 3 as a pack-in. Wow, it's almost as if Nintendo and Capcom planned it that way. The game is slated to hit the US and Europe before next April; Nintendo claims the black Wii won't be leaving Japan.

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