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Dell fined $30,000 by Taiwan government over pricing mishaps

Darren Murph

Let this be a lesson for all you kids thinking about opening some online shop with a funky database: pricing errors can cost ya, especially if you're doing business in Taiwan. After a couple of downright embarrassing slip-ups on Dell's Taiwanese web store, followed by a failure to compensate those who got orders in appropriately, Taiwan's government has levied a NT$1,000,000 fine (that's just over 30 grand in Greenbacks) on the computer giant. The actual details of the penalty are somewhat vague, but it seems as if the fine will be imposed until Dell decides to "take consumer rights seriously." In other words, Dell's stuck paying up unless it flips a 180 real quick and honors the flood of purchases made at rock-bottom prices. C'mon Dell, do the right thing. Or write the check -- evidently it's totally your call.

[Via Engadget Chinese, image courtesy of AdRants]

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