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Global Agenda fansite competition offers up more keys for next closed beta phase

Shawn Schuster

With Global Agenda's current closed beta being all the buzz these days, getting in is no easy feat. Hi-Rez Studios is treating their testing phases as actual controlled testing -- with only around 1,000 people to start and mandatory feedback from the testers. If you're just looking for a free game to play for a few months, you might want to look elsewhere.

Going hand in hand with that, many Global Agenda fansites are being offered a very small amount of beta keys to distribute to their readers. You may remember earlier in the month when we gave away 10 keys for, and now we're here to help another fansite give away their keys. Keep reading below for more information.

This time the site is with 11 keys to give away, and they're doing more than just handing these out. They've compiled an essay contest of sorts where competitors will write a 300-word story set in the Global Agenda world. These stories will be judged and 11 winners rewarded with a closed beta key for the next stage of testing, which will begin Friday, August 21st and run through Sunday, August 23rd.

Best of luck to all writers and potential beta testers out there!

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