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LG Whistle is so named for reasons unknown

Chris Ziegler

Is this phone capable of putting its lips together and blowing air so as to create a high-pitched tone of some sort? Doesn't seem like it -- phones don't typically have lips or breath -- but that doesn't explain why LG decided to christen its latest clamshell for the domestic Korean market the "Whistle." No matter; the LV7500's still pretty cool, owing in no small part to its front-facing array of some 115 LEDs that can be user-customized, presumably to flash messages such as "KEEPIN IT REAL" and "LG 4 LYFE" -- not a totally unique feature, but something we don't see much of around these parts. It'll roam in just 18 countries, which suggests to us that CDMA figures prominently in its radio circuitry; look for it now in three colors for around 400,000 won (about $325) on LG Telecom. If you're in Seoul, that is.

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