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RUSE: Reveal Undermine Subvert Entrap ... or not


Here at Joystiq we're dedicated to solving the nagging mysteries in life, one post at a time. We figured learning the meaning of R.U.S.E., the acronym'd title of Ubisoft's table-not RTS, was probably near the top of your list -- right up there with, "Does the fridge light stay on when I close the door?"

We cornered Ubisoft's Thomas Leroux-Hugon at the publisher's "Holiday Preview" event yesterday and forced an answer out of him at penpoint. He didn't know about the fridge light, but he did give us: Reveal Undermine Subvert Entrap (how revealing!) -- before his lips curved into a coy smile (that undermining trickster!). The real answer, he teased, isn't that obvious. You see, the acronym doesn't officially stand for anything (what manner of subversion is this?!). It's a bit of a "ruse" in and of itself -- it's up to each individual to play the game and decide, Leroux-Hugon offered -- clearly, his bid to entrap us. Well played.

So then, we'll leave it up to you: What does R.U.S.E. spell out?

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