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Easy Piano brings keyboard peripheral to DS Lite

Almost two years ago, Ubisoft dropped a virtual guitar simulator on the DS, titled "Jam Sessions" -- and that's just great, if you picked up the six-stringed instrument during your collegiate career in an attempt to woo Damien Rice-obsessed co-eds. Some of us, however, prefer the ivories. And by "prefer", we mean "we were forced to spend our childhood summers hunched over a beaten-up Steinway, pursuing our parents' feverish artistic dreams as our peers actually enjoyed their lives."

Fortunately for us, a Namco Bandai press release just revealed a Jam Sessions-esque title for the DS titled -- what else -- Easy Piano. The game comes with the keyboard peripheral you see above, so we hope interested parties have held onto their GBA slot-equipped DS Lites. With a lesson mode, a play-along mode and even a song creaion mode, it sounds like a neat offering for piano enthusiasts. We won't be sure until we try out that tiny, tiny keyboard, though.

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