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Madness: Bayonetta's crow ... is really a pig!


We appreciate Bayonetta sound designer Daisuke Sakata's position on the project. The man spends hours sifting through sound clips from an endless stream of animals to get the scream of the game's giant crow just right. And wouldn't you know it, after going through a gauntlet of bird cries, the best sound he settled on for the giant crow was derived from the cry of a ... pig?

Seriously! "After listening to numerous different animal sounds, I would pick the ones that struck me as fitting, even if it was just a little ... as a result, I used a pig's cry as a base for this cry," Sakata wrote on developer Platinum Games' website. But don't go thinking that crow's going to sound like a porker, as Sakata heavily mixed the pig cry with a slurry of other sounds. To see the massive bird in action -- and to hear its baritone stylings -- hit the break.

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