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Ultima Online Mondain's Legacy expansion now free


This post is for a few particular subsets of the human race. Specifically, Ultima Online players. Even more specifically, Ultima Online players who just couldn't bring themselves to fork over the cash for the 2005 expansion Mondain's Legacy. Or maybe you're a conspiracy theorist who doesn't want to start a World of Warcraft account (that's just what they'd expect you to do).

If you fall under this classification, you'll be happy to know that Mondain's Legacy is now absolutely free to Ultima Online subscribers. In addition, those new to the game can download a 14-day free trial with access to all seven expansions, including Mondain's Legacy. And all of this is just in time for the upcoming "Stygian Abyss" expansion, slated for later this summer.

But now on to the more important matter. We noticed you haven't been coming to guild meetings lately. We hear you've been trying out one of those newer, fancier MMOs. That's not true, is it?

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