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Ultima Online's seventh expansion is now free

William Dobson

We have a couple of things to say to those that subscribe to Ultima Online and still haven't bought the Mondain's Legacy expansion. Firstly, get with the times! The expansion came out in 2005 for crying out loud. Secondly, you won't have to spend any cash to catch up, as Mythic Entertainment has put out a press release indicating that Mondain's Legacy will now be free and included as part of the base game client. Probably of slightly more relevance is the fact that the game's 14-day free trial will now also grant access to the expansion content, including the Elven race and several extra dungeons.

No doubt this all has something to do with getting ready for the release of the brand new Stygian Abyss expansion this summer. Stygian Abyss will be the 8th expansion pack for the venerable Ultima Online and promises a playable Gargoyle race and the game's biggest dungeon to date. For anyone keen to try it out ahead of time, beta sign-ups are still being taken.

[Via MMOWatch]

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