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Verizon rolling out more apartment-friendly hardware

Steven Kim

We can't imagine who would turn down Verizon's FiOS service because the required hardware to get fiber right into their home was too big; given the option, we'd make room -- like an addition to the home if necessary. Still, we won't argue with anything that opens FiOS up to more people, and Verizon is dropping new, smaller optical network terminal (ONT) hardware that should make the fiber service more attractive to MDU (multi-dwelling unit) properties in particular. Two new models convert the data-laden light pulses into electrical signals suitable for home consumption and measure a scant 1.25x8.5x5.5-inches and 2.5x9x8.25-inches from Alcatel-Lucent and Motorola, respectively; good news for space-conscious apartment dwellers. The good news for installers is that these new boxes are easier to install. Unfortunately, not so easy that Verizon is expanding FiOS into our market yet, but maybe you'll have better luck.

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