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Blizzard is spying on you again

Eliah Hecht

People who put way too much energy into watching the flickering messages that scroll past when you log in to WoW, as well as people with slow connections, may be familiar with the message "Submitting non-personal system information." Basically, Blizzard wants to know things like what kind of CPU and GPU you're running on and how much RAM and VRAM you have.

Aguilar (who?) has made a blue post letting us know that they're going to start another round of collecting such data "in the very near future." If you're not on a account yet, you'll see that message about non-personal information. users, however, won't see the message, but they will be sending info up the line.

Yet another in a long line of injustices for us account holders: no flickering message! I demand a free month of WoW in compensation.

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