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ESRB reveals localization plan for Let's Hitchhike


Let's Hitchhike from NIS (actually, Let's Zenryoku Hitchhike!!!!!!!!!, but we'll stick to Let's Hitchhike) is one of the weirdest games on WiiWare -- a board game with a hitchhiking mechanic and an angry restaurant owner as the primary antagonist. It might not be Muscle March weird, but it's quirky enough to get our attention.

According to a new ESRB listing, NIS is planning to localize Let's Hitchhike as Full Blast Hitchhike. The content description offers two examples of the English version's "tongue in cheek humor": "What are the two sexiest farm animals? Brownchickenbrowncow!" and "Japanese girls are great! W-well...not as great as YOU, my pet." If you enjoyed those, be sure to give Full Blast Hitchhike a ride whenever it actually, you know, is announced and released for real.

Also found via ESRB: the Wii version of Geon, now published by UFO Interactive and called Geon Cube -- not to be confused with Technos's Geom Cube.

[Via GoNintendo]

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