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Mysterious PlayStation 3 Slim listing appears on [update]


A listing has been found on the German Amazon shop for "PlayStation 3 Konsole slim." There are no other details on the listing -- no date, no picture, no price, and even the platform is listed as "platform independent." The listing is so new and so devoid of info that nobody has even posted any user reviews of this nonexistent product.

With all the stuff we've heard about the supposed Slim, we have no doubt that it is, or will be, a real product -- but this Amazon listing does little to convince. We will, however, keep checking Amazon for more info about the Slim, whenever we log back in to see if Starcraft: Ghost is back in stock.

Update: To be clear, the image that has appeared on the German Amazon shop was submitted by a user and not by the product's manufacturer. Sorry, folks!

[Via Engadget; thanks, Marius!]

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