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[1.Local]: I can haz in-jokes


Reader comments -- ahh, yes, the juicy goodness following a meaty post. [1.Local] ducks past the swinging doors to see what readers have been chatting about in the back room over the past week.

The green-eyed loot monster contemplating readers from the top of this week's We Have a Tabard appeared to be the source of some agitation for one reader. "I wish each and every person who ever used an 'I can haz' joke was firebombed into oblivion, including the author of this story who posted that braindead image," complained Preston. "Internet memes are some of the dumbest trends on the planet."

Readers seemed to feel otherwise, peppering this week's comments with insider jokes, geek references, internet memes and a generally wry outlook on WoW and life. Join hands around the bonfire, boys and girls, and let us indulge in an entire post's worth of internet memes and dumb trends ... courtesy of our very own readers.

A second look at Maiev Shadowsong
Maiev Shadowsong: you love to hate her ... hate to love her ... despise her ... adore her ... argue about her history and intentions ...

Or like commenter CapnSkillet, you deftly apply a geek culture reference that wraps it up with a bow and closes down the thread: "Maiev – 'Hello, my name is Maiev Shadowsong. You killed my sisters. Prepare to die! Hello, my name is Maiev Shadowsong. You killed my sisters. Prepare to die!'"
Dwarf levels solely by exploring
A post about a guy who decided to do nothing but explore right from level one – no quests, no killing, no no PvP, all the way to World Explorer at level 17 -- was bound to generate a long string of kudos punctuated by trolling complaints about the pointlessness of it all.

But reader Camaris' view of the affair brought to bear the clearest rationale of all: "I'm not impressed. The last time a dwarf went exploring, he awakened an Old God. Twice."
My Lich King Pony
Some people just can't be satisfied. But we gotta say – here at, we do take care of our own.

cedric.roland: So, THIS is the pony GC promised us? Pfft ... I wanted a bigger pony. With more horns. And guns. Yeah, guns. And he breathes fire.

Royal: Still missing the horns and fire, but hey -- least you have the guns!
Icy blue heart
One can never get too far down the road during any given week without a debate about science and a Pokemon reference or two.

Badger: "And for some reason, water enemies are weak to lightning, which bears no resemblance to real life. I have yet to see flood waters be harmed by a downed power line. The people in the flood waters, on the other hand ..."

That never occurred to me until you pointed it out. WTF is the deal with that, anyway?

Baldagrim: Water enemies are weak to lightning to an actual natural process known as electrolysis. If you run an electric current (in this case, a lightning bolt) through a body of water (i.e. a water elemental), it separates the hydrogen and oxygen of the water into their elements.

People need to stay awake in chemistry class.

As for Naga, fish, etc., the ocean becomes a lightning field. Cooked calamari, anyone?

Agerath: Sea water isn't alive, though, is it? Were the water shaped into a sentient being, I can see electricity doing a fair bit of damage.

Wither: Been a long time since I did any chemistry, but this doesn't sound right at all.

Electrolysis only occurs when there is a chemical reaction between the electrolyte and electrode; when lighting strikes, there is no electrode, no electrolysis.

The damage from lightning is often from heat, generated when the current has to pass through resistance. If there is little resistance, or it is spread out over a large body, such as in a large body of water, the heat generated is pretty small.

I think there are a few dangers to creatures swimming, The first is that in a very large body of water, swimmers may be the highest object on the surface and so your head is a likely target for a strike. Secondly, in saline waters, your body may actually be more conductive than the water, so carry most of the current. Thirdly, the electrical shock to your brain or heart didn't kill you outright, you might be knocked unconscious and drown.

Um, yes, so back to Azeroth. Maybe water elementals have a susceptibility to lightning because the current channels through to their vital organs more efficiently. /shrug

Wither: Oh I'm wrong :(, electrolysis doesn't need a reactive electrode. Baldagrim was right -- it would occur at the point wherever current leaves on enters the body of water. Back to my chemistry books for me!

pietrex: One word: Pokémon.

Hedwinkle: /agree The Pokémon elements should be obeyed at all times!
Hogger launches WoW Rookie Directory
Forget Maiev Shadowsong – quake before the hot, stinking breath of Hogger.

Cyno01: It's really not fair for Blizz to sneak a no-win scenario into the game like this. Hogger truly is WoW's Kobayashi Maru. I mean, just look at this screenshot.

Otome: I screamed when I saw Hogger's mug there. Anyway, that is quite possibly the most epic quest to get The Loremaster with, hands down.

But leave it to Hoggersbud to string together the most internet memes:

Hoggersbud: Hogger cannot be defeated. Strike him down, he only rises stronger, and more angry. That is the power of the Dark Side.

Why did the Lich King invade? To try to defeat Hogger!

Who will be revealed as the final boss of WoW, after whose defeat the game will permanently end, all accounts will be cancelled and the servers deleted? Ultimate Super-Saiyan Majin Hogger One Million of Earth 42!

(Fortunately, since Boss Hogger can never be defeated, only thwarted, that'll never happen. Yes, he can be thwarted. That's why he hates them Duke boys so much! And their little dog, too!)

But remember, all your base are belong to Hogger -- who is in it killing your dudes with the power of HEART!

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