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Cave Story developer Nicalis reveals 'Project Q'


The latest project from Cave Story WiiWare developer Nicalis -- after, of course, Cave Story, Night Game and La-Mulana -- is a new platformer from Knytt and Night Game creator Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren, currently called Project Q. You can see some early footage of the title at IGN.

Q appears to have a lot in common with the Knytt games -- the tiny protagonist exploring beautiful landscapes, dealing with environmental puzzles. It follows a young woman traversing various planets in search of pieces of a transporter, "armed" only with a camera, "to document information and capture the environments."

According to Nicalis's Tyrone Rodriguez, the developer has "WiiWare in mind." However, "In truth," he told IGN, "it could be WiiWare, Wii disc or even PSN, XBLA and PC."

[Via Offworld]

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