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Champions Online offering $199 lifetime sub, access to STO beta 'later this year'

Kyle Horner

Here's yet another reason to really consider picking up Champions Online come launch day. Cryptic is offering pre-order customers the chance to purchase six months of subscription for $59.99, instead of the regular $89.99 fee, which unofficially puts the monthly fee at 15 bucks. Alternatively, you can choose a $199.99 lifetime subscription offer, but it's only good until September 1st. But wait, there's more!

Whether you purchase six months or the lifetime, you'll gain access to the Star Trek Online beta launching later this year -- according to said offer. Both options also come with an exclusive art deco costume set, although we're far more interested in that first bonus. However, lifetime subscribers are also rewarded with a retro future costume set, a mirror universe outfit (given at launch) for Star Trek Online, an in-game Foxbat action figure and eight additional character slots.

Turbine started this very awesome concept but we're happy to see Cryptic making it even better for their fans. Hopefully you've got enough income this month to grab the deal. Anyone anticipating STO and already planning on picking up Champions Online will absolutely want this, so we doubly hope all those people can afford it.

[Thanks, Patrick!]

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