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China Mobile's OPhone SDK goes gold

Chris Ziegler

In China, Android's well on its way to mutating into an entirely different beast thanks to China Mobile's OPhone initiative to standardize the carrier on a smartphone platform -- and with devices like the lovely (well, from a distance, anyway) Lenovo O1 backing up the effort, we'd say they've got a fighting chance of making the whole thing work. Of course, any good smartphone platform needs developers, and developers need an SDK; to that end, China Mobile has just unleashed version 1.0 of its OPhone developers' site on the world. It looks like they're positioning the so-called OPhone Software Developer Network as a central hub -- a place for devs to come for the software and stay for the conversation, with access to software tools, official documentation and communities where hardened programmers can exchange dramatic stories of software engineering survival in the field. It remains to be seen how successful OPhones will ultimately be at the cash register, but at least China Mobile appears to be doing everything it needs to on the back end to get quality apps in the pipeline -- and that's a start.

[Via Cloned In China]

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