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Mac Bundle Box is back, this time with 12 applications for US$49


Remember Mac Bundle Box? Back in March, Mac Bundle Box 4 provided an ever-growing list of Mac applications at a bundle price of US$49, with 5% of the purchase price going to Charity:Water.

It's back again, and Mac Bundle Box 5 is now underway with about US$459 worth of software selling for US$49. There are a couple of changes from the last time, though -- this time, the list of applications is different, and now Charity:Water is going to get 10% of the proceeds. According to Christian Owens from Mac Bundle Box, the last bundle raised almost $7,000 for this great charity, which works to bring clean water to people worldwide.

So, what does your $49 buy?
All of the applications listed here have free trial downloads available, so you can give 'em a try before you buy the bundle. As with all bundles, Mac Bundle Box 5 won't last for long, so act soon.

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