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MetroPCS intros Mister Cartoon-tweaked Samsung Messager

Chris Ziegler

Say you like Samsung's low-cost texting wizard for MetroPCS, the Messager. In fact, you like it a lot. Problem is, you keep looking at it and saying "it's missing something." What could it be? 3G? A 5 megapixel camera? Naw, don't be crazy -- what this baby really needed was a glowing yellow angel on the back. Fortunately, MetroPCS is happy to oblige, hooking up with tattoo wizard Mister Cartoon to offer a customized version of the phone -- shell, wallpaper, ringtones, the whole nine yards -- which'll be available later this month. To kick off the new model in style, the regional carrier's going to be auctioning off the first ten models signed by the big guy himself starting this weekend; if those end up being too rich for your blood, you'll have dibs on the other 29,990 unsigned versions for a to-be-announced price.

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