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Samsung i5700 "Galaxy-lite" gets WiFi approval -- Android on the cheap?

Chris Ziegler

We can say with some confidence now that HTC's planning on taking Android to a new, mega-cheap market with the upcoming Click -- and as the old saying goes, when it rains, it pours. Samsung -- which also looks to be making an Android push, hot off the launch of its inaugural i7500 Galaxy -- has just garnered WiFi certification for a heretofore-unknown i5700 "Galaxy-lite," which certainly has all the makings of a stripped-down Galaxy from its model name and number. We know precisely zlich about what the i5700 actually entails, but we're encouraged by the fact that they managed to leave WiFi in; question is, what features of the Galaxy would we be okay to see go on a lower-cost model? AMOLED? The high-spec camera? Awesomeness? [Warning: PDF link]

[Via mobile-review]

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