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Screen Grabs: Jawbone gets chewed out by Entourage's Johnny Drama

Darren Murph

Screen Grabs chronicles the uses (and misuses) of real-world gadgets in today's movies and TV. Send in your sightings (with screen grab!) to screengrabs at engadget dt com.

The best show to ever land on HBO has certainly seen its fair share of hot technology, from last week's Ferrari-fest (with a notable 'holla' to Porsche) to this week's love affair with Aliph's Jawbone. As you can see in the Screen Grab above, Johnny Drama couldn't help but sport the all-black Bluetooth earpiece to match his ebony jacket and equally dark motorcar whilst jabbering to Turtle. Nah, it's not the Jawbone Prime, but we wouldn't put it past Sloan to tease E (again) over one here in the not-too-distant future. Now, if only Marky Mark could convince the suits at Time Warner to allocate an hour per episode to this masterpiece, we'd really be in heaven...

[Thanks, SmoothMarx]

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