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Sony's earliest Motion Controller plans included Teletubbies, X-Men


The PlayStation Motion Controller was one of the big highlights at this year's E3. However, it shouldn't have come as a surprise -- considering Sony's been working on the controller since the beginning of the millennium. A look back to GDC 2001 reveals a presentation from Richard Marks about "using video input for games." Noting that "simpler interfaces are needed to reach a broader audience," Marks wanted to create an interface for casual non-gamers, one that would be "intuitive, simple, enabling and enjoyable." Sound familiar to you?

Some of the prototypes developed by the EyeToy team include "Misho the Witch" (pictured above), a virtual pet simulation that has players using a ball-and-stick controller to play with the on-screen witch. Ideas from this demo have ended up in both EyePet and the upcoming Motion Controller itself. Other ideas thrown around included a magic duel, where players could write spells using gestures, and games inspired by Casper the Friendly Ghost and the Teletubbies.

While gamers have been spared from a motion-sensing game based on the Teletubbies, another idea seems to have been left on the wayside: games based on various superhero properties. Marks' presentation revealed plans to recreate the powers of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men through the PlayStation camera. We're not sure how far those ideas went, but a superhero game that takes advantage of the Motion Controller would make perfect sense as a launch game for when the controller (finally) debuts next year.

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