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The Daily Grind: Is a fall release really such a good idea?

Shawn Schuster

As many of our summer releases get pushed back to September and October, we can't help but wonder if this is such a good idea. MMO players are already notoriously picky when it comes to grabbing their attention in the long-term, but for school-age players, September and October are a time to concentrate on the new school year and new studies. Theoretically.

This is one of the main points in a recent blog post by Inktomi over at MMOCrunch. In addition to explaining dissatisfaction with both Aion and Champions Online for grinding or business decisions, Inktomi brings up a good point that may hurt these upcoming games in the long run. If you had to make the decision to only play one game this fall -- due to time constraints from school or otherwise -- would any of the projected releases (Aion, CrimeCraft, Champions Online, Fallen Earth, DDO Unlimited, CitiesXL) interest you enough to be your one game?

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