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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Google's Eric Schmidt resigns from Apple board over "conflict of interest"
The FTC says it's going to continue investigating the two companies for "remaining interlocking directorates," so Apple and Google aren't totally out of the woods, but we don't think anything else major is in store here.

The Shack's gargantuan laptop keyboard adds ominous undertone to Radio Shack relaunch
The San Francisco and New York "Summer Netogether" events promise to be speaker wire-riddled mayhem.
(See also: Radio Shack rebranding to "The Shack"?)
Barron's: Analyst handled Apple tablet, says competitors have paused production lines until launch
The analyst claims the device will be marketed somewhere in the $699-$799 range and will be aimed at uses as a media player and gaming device
Other news of import

Lost, Desperate Housewives & Grey's Anatomy streaming to Netflix Watch Instantly
For everyone struggling to remember what the hell is so important about that island, it's easier than ever to catch up before the final season starts.
Verizon: Touch Diamond, Touch Pro now $99 with contract
Could this mean that the new Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2 are soon to rear their pretty little heads? We'd be down with that.

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