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Champions Online offers $200 lifetime subscription, Star Trek Online beta access

The subscription plans for Cryptic's super-powered MMO Champions Online were revealed via a pre-order offer the developer just announced. Potential players who anticipate their prolonged enjoyment of the title can shell out $199.99 for a lifetime subscription to the game, while those desiring a less permanent commitment can sign up for a $59.99 six-month plan. Cryptic explained the latter would normally cost players $89.99 if paid for on a monthly basis -- seeing as how $90 divided by six equals $15, it's safe to assume that'll be the monthly fee for access to the game.

Pre-ordering one of these two subscription plans nets players a whole slew of bonuses, the most desirable of which is access to the closed beta for Star Trek Online, which will take place "later this year." Both plans also garner players an in-game "art deco" costume set -- but lifetime subscribers also get the "retro future" costume set, an in-game Foxbat action figure, eight additional character slots and even an additional costume for STO which will appear in players' inventory at launch. In the business, that's what we like to call "The Works."

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