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Discipline shocks again with unusual art style


Direct screenshots of Marvelous's Discipline have finally appeared, and you probably won't be surprised to see that they're as strikingly weird as the concept, though not nearly as uncomfortable to talk about.

The character art all seems to be still pencil sketches, black and white with subtle blue shading. These are presented in 3D prison environments which are in full (but bleak, because it's a prison) color. When your character prepares to use the You-Con and the game goes into its first-person mode, the device appears in 3D at the bottom of the screen, like the weapon in a first-person shooter.

We're pretty impressed with the unique art style -- not just the look itself, but the boldness of using such a style. In fact, the whole game seems to be living proof of Marvelous founder Yasuhiro Wada's insistence on creating original games.

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