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Fairytale Fights trailer isn't violent enough [Update]


Update: We've updated this post with the real trailer for the game that's ... slightly more violent. Enjoy!

Playlogic has released a new trailer for Fairytale Fights, a game that practically came out of nowhere earlier this year. The trailer shows off some of the game's locales and, unsurprisingly, Little Red Riding Hood beating the crap out of hapless baddies. Strangely, the video doesn't really show off the best feature we saw at E3, dynamic slicing, which allows enemies (and players) to be dismembered in an infinite number of ways. Instead, the video features other exciting activities like walking. Oh sure, there's a bit of hand-to-hand combat and blunt instrument head-whackery, but where's the slicing?

Your move, Playlogic.

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