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Fall Over: A platformer for gentlemen

Fall Over is a gentleman's platformer, with a twist. Combining a familiar-looking 2D landscape and real-life physics, indie developer Arvi "Hempuli" Teikari has put just enough spin on the genre to combat our rampant attention-deficit disorder.

Fall Over is a simple concept; as a fancy-suited gentleman, reach the end of the level with as many coins in your pocket as possible. The challenge is working with the game's real-world physics, including the little things we take for granted -- like accidentally knocking your character on his back after hitting his head on a platform above -- and keeping your coins safely tucked away. It's the engine that would make Mario scream, and it's a free game worth a few minutes of your time. Make sure to grab your top hat and monocle before checking it out.

[Via BigDownload]

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