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Fat Princess's patch of ample proportions

As Fat Princess fans have already realized, Titan's portly PSN exclusive is plagued with connection and balance issues; but a fix is on the way. While Titan Studios has yet to put a date on the upcoming patch, it has revealed a list of some of the issues that will be addressed. According to a recent post on the dev's blog, the patch will tackle connection issues, lag, hosting problems, scoreboard errors, dead hat machines and scoring exploits -- to name a few.

The plump princess's dev team has also compiled a growing list of balance changes and feature requests based on player feedback for future updates, including the addition of new modes, maps and classes to an already rotund release. Titan promises an online FAQ will be made available soon to address upcoming changes in greater detail -- a full listing of issues and future changes can be found after the break.


[Via PS3Center]

Known issues and bugs:

  • Failed Game Connections
  • Lag
  • Hosting Problems
  • AoE Scoring Exploits
  • Stalemates
  • Missing Princess (on certain levels)
  • Dead Hat Machines
  • Scoreboard Issues (only top 1000 scores shown)
  • Ranking System Problems
Balance and Feature Requests (To be added in the future):
  • Changes to Ranking System
  • Changes to Scoring System
  • Stalemate Breakers (e.g. – Finite Cake, Slim Fast Princess)
  • Server Lists
  • Clan Management
  • Hosted Servers
  • Class Balance
  • More Classes
  • More Class Upgrades
  • More Maps
  • More Modes
  • More Sports
  • Even Fatter Princesses
  • Unbelievably Fat Gargantuan Princesses

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