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MMO Roundup: Last week on Massively

Shawn Schuster

Sometimes you'd like to know that there are other MMOs out there, right? Our sister site Massively can provide you with everything you need to know about all those other shiny MMOs! Check out this roundup of the latest news from the wider MMO world.
What are SWTOR's three final classes?
Looking at the official Star Wars: The Old Republic class page reveals four slots on both factions, with three total filled thus far. Of course, you'll notice that Jedi and Sith aren't shown here, but it's a forgone conclusion that they'll be filled sooner or later. While nobody but BioWare can be sure what the final classes actually, half the fun is trying to figure them out before they're announced.
Champions Online offering $199 lifetime sub, access to STO beta 'later this year'
Here's yet another reason to really consider picking up Champions Online come launch day. Cryptic is offering pre-order customers the chance to purchase six months of subscription for $59.99, instead of the regular $89.99 fee, which unofficially puts the monthly fee at 15 bucks. Alternatively, you can choose a $199.99 lifetime subscription offer, but it's only good until September 1st. But wait, there's more!
Wake Up: The final day of The Matrix Online
But we were in The Matrix Online for the final hours as well, and we managed to get some great screenshots from the end of the game. There were explosions, lightning bolts, oddly colored skies until finally.... in the last few hours... it became beautiful again. The green skies were rolled back in favor of a blue sky tinged with hints of red. Then, of course, we all got our plugs pulled and ended up smashed into... well... you know.
Survey says: Nearly half of MMO gamers bought virtual stuff
One of the interesting things we at Massively find about statistics and surveys is how people react to surveys and research results about games, virtual environments and MMOGs. Unexpected results automatically attract criticism of every aspect of the report and data no matter how the results were obtained, from the political leanings of the researchers, to the way the charts are drawn.

Is Land of the Dead negatively impacting RvR? Mythic responds
Warhammer Online's Call to Arms live expansion wrapped up at the end of June with the release of the highly anticipated Land of the Dead. Many players perceived this new RvR mega-zone as the game's defining "make-or-break" moment.
Five reasons to play Champions Online
It's been a long wait since the announcement of Cryptic's next project, so long that some of us began to run around our houses wearing towels around our necks. Thankfully, September 1st is now less than a month away. Open beta? That's even sooner. Before we know it the game will be sitting on our desks and shelves.
Revisiting PvP in Age of Conan
Fantasy MMO Age of Conan launched to one of the most successful MMO sales sprees in recent memory. People were hungry for a new MMO to deliver something different and Age of Conan seemed to offer just that. After record pre-orders, huge launch sales and a month or two of what seemed like solid performance, the game suddenly took a turn for the worse. Players left the game in droves and reports of the game's quality turned into poor reviews and negative blog posts. What happened was simple - the game wasn't finished.
Patch notes for Free Realms' Speedway Thunder update
We were expecting this patch to come out a little sooner than it did, but the Speedway Thunder update has now hit Free Realms. The Kart Driver and Demolition Derby Driver classes have gotten some much-needed love; both of these jobs now have full progression to level 20, with over 40 new quests for each job.
The world is safe: Twilight MMO not a confirmed project
Thanks to some astute Joystiq commenters and a MySpace photo of a newspaper article, it seems we might all breathe a collective sigh of relief. The Twilight MMO isn't an official, confirmed project as of yet.

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