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No experience, no levels in Final Fantasy XIV


Yes, you read the title correctly. You aren't hallucinating from shock or anything like that. In a recent interview with Famitsu, the development team behind Final Fantasy XIV has revealed that the game will not run on an experience and leveling system. This marks a major departure for the Final Fantasy series, as levels have been a staple to the gameplay experience.

While the new system of progress has not been confirmed, the development team has said that the new job system will focus primarily on weapons rather than a "class."

"We want to afford players enough variety to choose a different way to play on any given day," said Nobuaki Komoto, FFXIV's director. "If they could practice one skill one day, they could work on another one the next."

This statement seems to support the idea of a skill system, similar to Ultima Online and Darkfall, becoming the main drive of FFXIV. However, as we've said above, the final system used for progression in the game has not been confirmed. For the full interview, check it out over on YouTube.

[Via Eurogamer]

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