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OMG Lilac PSP! Sony says 'Girlz Play Too'


Sony continues to follow the time-tested formula for reaching out to females: belittle their intelligence, turn them into stereotypes, and color a product pink -- or in this case, lilac. In addition to launching the Limited Edition Hannah Montana PSP Entertainment Pack today, SCEA is introducing its "Girlz Play Too" initiative which shows how Sony is "committed to bringing a steady stream of female-friendly content to consumers."

"The gaming world has traditionally been a male domain, but today we're seeing more and more female gamers, particularly on portable devices," says John Koller, SCEA's Director of Hardware Marketing. "While SCEA has a broad range of PSP owners from under 12 to over 45 years old, we saw a tremendous opportunity for us to connect with the female and 'tween' demographic and create a PSP system that girls will love." Changing the color from black to an off-purple tone was exactly what girls were waiting for.

The "Girlz Play Too" website lets girlz (not girls, mind you) explore the features of the PSP system, customize a virtual PSP and take a quiz to find out which game character they are. This blogger? "You are So LocoRoco!" TOTALLY!

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