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Ousted Take-Two CEO Eibeler joins SouthPeak board


Tuesday 4 August

170-something lbs. of face-palming rage.

Food consumed today:
A lot of really audible snacks and stuff that makes me sound bone-crunchy and vicious, like a Central Park West poodle.

Just past midnight. New York: my penthouse. Do people never learn? Found out today that SouthPeak Interactive has hired Paul Eibeler to be on its board of directors. This is the same guy I had ousted from Take-Two back in '07 -- not to mention, Diary, I'm still bitter about that golden parachute we gave him.

What really wrinkles my suit, though, is this statement by SouthPeak chair Terry Phillips: "As one of the most respected executives in the interactive games industry, we welcome Paul to the board of directors." LOL to the ROFLCOPTER! I laugh in their general direction, Diary. Eibeler was named "Worst CEO" by MarketWatch in 2005 for his handling of Take-Two and the way he dealt with the "Hot Coffee" scandal. I mean, I've taken my licks, but Eibeler getting hired? It's like nobody Googles anymore.

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