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Play Madden in a football stadium ... on the big screen!


Following in the great tradition of, um, the Jonas Brothers' tour manager playing Gears of War 2 on a way too big screen at Cowboy Stadium, EA and Sony are hosting a Madden 10 event for 256 lucky fans at the same stadium. The kicker? If you manage to snag a spot, you'll not only get access to the full game nearly a week early, but you may also find your gaming projected on one of the stadium's many enormous screens.

The event takes place on Cowboy season ticket holder appreciation day and as such, those lucky enough to get inside may find 10,000 or so people in the stands. However, if you brave the Madden 10 tourney ladder and win, you'll be walking away with a copy of the game, before its August 14 release, and a PlayStation 3. The PlayStation US blog is giving away 25 tickets (+1 guest) for little more than a silly photo of yourself demonstrating "your favorite touchdown dance or pose" with a PlayStation item in the picture. It could be worse, right? You could have to sing a Jonas Brothers song or something.

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