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Rumor: 80GB PS3 to be discontinued in Japan, parts ordered for new Sony consoles

We've got a bunch more kindling for the ever-burning PS3 Slim rumor today, so try and keep up. First and foremost, Kotaku recently uncovered a document from a 7-Eleven in Japan (where 7-Elevens are apparently respected games dealers), which asks that stores stop taking pre-orders for 80GB PS3s as of August 9 -- at the behest of Sony. If legit, this move could be the start of the 80GB's mass exodus, as foretold by the Ars Technica mole in the "Great PS3 Slim Prophecy of 2009."

Other rumors come to us in the form of a Telegraph report, which rounds up a number of potential signs pointing to the svelte system's existence; one of which is an excerpt from a DigiTimes article that states Sony has "ordered enough parts to make one million consoles in the third quarter of this year," which is twice as much as was ordered in the past three months. Are these parts being used to make Slims? PSP Gos? A weaponized mech suit for Kaz Hirai?

From there, Telegraph drops a bunch of unsourced details which should be taken with a sizable grain of apprehensive salt. First, the outlet claims a PS3 Slim announcement "could come later this month" during the GamesCom convention in Cologne, with the actual console appearing by the holidays. According to Telegraph, the console "is expected to" come in two flavors -- 40GB and 80GB -- and will include two unnamed games. Best of all, it will supposedly have a lower price point than current models. Ah, now they're playing our tune.

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