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Rumor: Netflix streaming coming to Wii, iPhone


An "industry executive familiar with Netflix's plans" tells Multichannel that the company's streaming service will soon be available for the Wii and iPhone/iPod Touch. Before iPhone folks get too excited, though, the speculation is that the streaming service will only be available across Wi-Fi and not AT&T's 3G system -- which already has enough stability "issues."

Netflix streaming on the Wii has been alluded to for quite some time, with the company previously telling us that it's "always looking for ways to expand its service, but for now [its] game platform is the Xbox 360." As for the PS3 ... um, you can always pick up a Bravia.

Update: Netflix has responded to our inquiry with an old gem: "We don't comment on rumors or speculation."

[Via ArsTechnica]

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