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¡Tunes! Mexico iTunes store now open for shopping

Sang Tang

My how you've grown, iTunes! Mexico now has its own iTunes store, giving our neighbors to the south the ability to download their favorite music, videos and iPhone/iPod touch apps.

It seems like it was just yesterday that Dr. Dre, Mick Jagger and Bono welcomed you into this world via iChat with Steve Jobs at an April 2003 special event. Now a little over 6 and a half years old, you've grown from what originally was United States-only operation to now include 77 countries.

You've morphed from what music executives privately said was "an experiment, which could be expanded if [proven] successful," to a juggernaut in the music market; at the time of its launch, music executives felt that Apple's small market share provided them less risk. And expanded it did: the iTunes "music store" is now the "iTunes store," with over 8 billion songs purchased and 1.5 billion apps downloaded.

Most songs in the iTunes Store in Mexico are priced at 12 pesos (a little over 90 U.S. cents as of August 4, 2009), and most albums at 120 pesos ($9.15 as of August 4, 2009).

To our friends to the south, mi iTunes store es su iTunes store!

(Note: the app store has been available in Mexico since its launch in July 2008)

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