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Yamaha Japan spills details on its NS-700 speaker lineup

Steven Kim

Although Amazon has had pages up for the new Yamaha NS-700 speaker series for a while now, Yamaha Japan has come clean with some details on the various models due for shipment in early September. If you thought Yammie just did soundbars, HTIBs and lamps, take a look. Non-parallel cabinet sides are used throughout the range, as is the black finish to match -- of course -- your Yamaha grand piano. You can hit the read link for the full machine-translated PR, but the NS-F700 floorstander is catching our eye with a 6.5-inch A-PMD (advanced polymer injected mica diaphragm) woofer, 5-inch PMD mid and 1.125-inch aluminum tweet; all together promising a 45Hz - 50kHz response. Sounds good, and you should be able to round out your system with the NS-B750 or NS-B700 bookshelves, NS-C700 center channel, and the NS-SW700 that didn't make Japanese press release but managed to sneak into the family photo.

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