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Atlus provides video walkthrough of Persona PSP


Atlus has produced a lengthy seven minute video detailing all the features of its upcoming PSP port of the original Persona. While it's filled with some overzealous marketing talk, it does a good job of detailing the various gameplay mechanics of the game. One of the important aspects focused on in the video is the speed of battle. While you'll still be grinding and leveling up in Persona, each battle can go much faster, especially with the PSP "skip" feature.

Details of the game's "negotiation system," missing from later Persona releases, are offered. For the many that have only recently discovered the Persona franchise, this should feel like a particularly new feature. In addition to showing off the game's new cutscenes and overworld map, the video also reveals that Persona for PSP will be much more difficult (or as the video says, "satisfying") than the original PS1 release -- are you up to the challenge?


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