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Get your TUAW discount to the Voices That Matter: iPhone Developers Conference


Addison-Wesley Professional, the publishers of many books on both Mac and iPhone development, is hosting the Voices That Matter: iPhone Developer's Conference October 17 and 18th in Boston. TUAW wants to make sure that the budding iPhone devs in our readership are able to attend the conference, so we have an exclusive discount code for you to use when you register.

The conference is focused at experienced Mac developers who are looking for a quick way to get the skills required to build, test, and distribute iPhone and iPod touch apps. The speaker list for the conference is impressive and includes:

  • TUAW's very own Erica Sadun (Conference Program Chair)
  • Aaron Hillegass, author of Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X (Keynote Speaker)
  • Mac and technology pundit Andy Ihnatko (Keynote Speaker)
  • Peter Bakhirev
  • Lee Barney
  • Erik Buck
  • Bill Dudney
  • Dan Grover
  • Daniel Jalkut
  • Steve Kochan
  • Bill Licea-Kane
  • Mike Morton
  • Jonathan Rentzsch
  • Fraser Speirs
  • August Trometer
  • Marcus Zarra
TUAW readers can save $150 on their conference registration by providing the special priority code PHNTUAW when registering. If you register before September 12th, you can combine your TUAW discount with Early Bird pricing and save a total of $350.

The iPhone app market is still going strong even in this execrable economy, so this is a great opportunity for Mac developers to get the smarts to make the leap to the iPhone market.

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