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Happy (belated) 10th birthday, Seaman

Justin McElroy

We try not to inundate you with birthday posts at Joystiq. They're typically not very exciting and they frankly make us feel really, really old. But this is one occasion we just can't let pass. It's been just a few days over 10 years since Seaman first emerged from the nautilus in Japan.

To mark the blessed day, 1UP's got a great interview from Famitsu Weekly with creator Yoot Saito, who manages to take humility to a whole new, utterly perplexing level. "Seaman received a lot of praise for its concept, but I don't think it's that original," he says. "I think it's something everyone's thought of before. I mean, I'm sure a lot of people have thought at least once in their lives that it'd be funny if a fish had a human face and could talk."

Sure, Yoot. We've all been there.

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