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Hudson sheds light on new Wii platformer, Shadow Tower


An article in the latest Famitsu magazine, summarized by 1UP, reveals a new Wii game from Hudson Soft. Shadow Tower doesn't seem to have anything to do with the From Software PlayStation RPG of the same name, instead appearing to be a platformer in which players control the shadow of an otherwise invisible boy.

As he travels through an abandoned landscape and climbs up the tower featured in the name, the silhouetted character actually travels on the shadows of platforms and structures, interacting with shadow objects to trigger movement in their real counterparts. He is joined by a butterfly who can reach objects he can't -- 1UP offers the example of a light source that the butterfly changes to alter the shape of the shadow landscape and make a chasm navigable.

Pretty much everyone who sees this mentions the ICO-esque look, and we think that's an apt comparison. Given that we like the look of Team ICO games, and we like original platformers, we're going to be following this one.

[Image via Nintendo Everything]

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