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Onkyo mixes HT-series receivers into lineup, confusion ensues

Steven Kim

Onkyo is a go-to favorite when it comes to HTIB systems for a very simple reason -- the systems are a great value on day one, and actually have room for growth through speaker and receiver upgrades. Apparently not satisfied with the coverage its current receiver lineup has over the AVR space, Onkyo has now created a new "HT" receiver line based on its HTIB receivers. First up is the $549 HT-RC160, a 80-Watt, 7.2-channel model with 5 HDMI inputs and the same Dolby ProLogic IIz that's been spreading through Onkyo's lineup. Moving up the food chain, there's the $1,049 HT-RC180 that wears the THX Select2Plus badge alongside its 7.2-channels and networking capabilities (including Pandora and Rhapsody streaming). On paper, these look just fine, but we're left wondering why Onkyo opted for double-coverage on turf occupied by its own TX-SR607 and (forthcoming) TX-SR807. How street prices track MSRP on these two "HT" models will tell where they really fit. Full PR after the break.

8/05/09 -- Onkyo has introduced a new family of audio-video receivers called the Onkyo HT Series. The new HT line are extensions of AV receivers developed for the company's packaged systems line--building on Onkyo's core competencies, while streamlining feature sets.

The first of these new models, the HT-RC160, is a 7.2-channel receiver with five HDMI inputs, Dolby ProLogic IIz and many more features, and is currently available at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $549. A step-up model, the HT-RC180, a 7.2-channel THX Select2Plus Certified receiver with advanced networking capabilities, including streaming internet radio from Pandora, Rhapsody and others, will be added to the line in August with a $1049 MSRP.

"By capitalizing on our core technologies and refining the capabilities of these receivers we are able to bring to market desirable, high-value product people have come to expect from Onkyo," said Paul Wasek, Marketing Manager, Onkyo USA.

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