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Original soundtrack to flOw coming soon


thatgamecompany's first PSN game, flOw, captivated players looking for a relaxing game experience. The soothing visuals and unique motion controls are certainly vital components of creating the feel of flOw, but the music is certainly driving force behind the game's soothing presentation. A recent PlayStation.Blog post has an interesting orchestral rearrangement of flOw's soundtrack, which you can watch after the break. Replacing the electronic sound of the original game with live instruments creates a totally different feel. After watching the performance, we wouldn't mind playing the game with a full choir cheering us on.

Those inspired by the performance will be saddened to know that this orchestral rendition will not be available for download "for various contractual reasons," according to Austin Wintory, the composer of flOw's score. Wintory does appease fans, however, letting them know that "an original soundtrack is in the works featuring the actual music from the game." Hopefully, the flOw soundtrack follows the steps of the PixelJunk series, releasing on PlayStation Network sans DRM.

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