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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

Apple's new low: censoring a dictionary
In essence, you would have to already know the word in order to be able to look it up in the app -- your mind would have had to be already poisoned with the sinful idea.
Leaked back-of-box chart shows Xbox line winnowing down to Arcade and Elite SKUs
Hopefully this means the Elite is also going to shuffle on down to the middle SKU's $300 pricepoint, but we'll have to wait and see
Upcoming Xbox 360 Netflix update is still gimped, Microsoft thinks you want it that way
It restricts users to perusing the Top 50 films in any of a handful of categories, meaning no searching by title and no browsing alphabetically. Wow.
Other news of import
Patent Office rejects some of TiVo's patent claims, battle vs. DISH to rage on
It'll still be a while before anyone involved (except the lawyers) are cashing any large checks, or get their DVR taken away.
T-Mobile myTouch 3G storming retail stores today for $199.99 on contract
You'll be doing everyone at the store a favor if you've already settled on black, merlot or white beforehand.

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