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WoW Moviewatch: Rise from your Grave


This review will actually be a little difficult to write, but mostly because I don't think the editors would like it if I spent the entire time typing "Oh my god, look at the cute undead gnome!" over and over again. I'll have to rely on "content" and "writing" to get by.

Rise from your Grave is a quick story-based music video by Little Sweegy. Turns out, Little Sweegy is Gnomechewer's girlfriend. She dedicates the movie to him, thanking him for helping her learn how to create machinima. It seems like he's done one hell of a job of teaching, because Rise from your Grave is an awful lot of fun.

I like the grainy effects used to give the video a semi-horror feeling, or maybe just a nostalgic vibe. The gnomes running around in action is pure win, and a welcome relief for anyone who might be a little Belfed-out right now. Also, I find the idea of a Gnome Death Knight raising companion warriors from the grave to be absolutely compelling, in every way I can imagine. If my own Death Knight weren't already created, I might be rolling an undead Gnome even now.

Great job, Sweegy! I can't wait to see more from you.

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