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Bear McCreary explains inspiration for Dark Void score

The pangs of despair we felt upon seeing the recent delay of Dark Void came in two distinct, yet equally heartbreaking flavors. For one, we became that much further removed from the title's jetpack-infused gameplay we've come to know and love. However, almost as upsetting was the fact that we'd have to wait even longer to hear the game's seemingly breathtaking musical score, created by former Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McCreary. recently helped ease the pain by releasing a video interview (posted after the break) with McCreary conducted at San Diego Comic Con '09. It doesn't really feature any of the game's musical accompaniment, but provides us with an interesting look into Bear's creative process -- a process that thankfully extends further than "learn title of game, write entire score in one sitting, give music to developer, earn check, cash check, buy Jet Ski."

[Via Capcom Unity]

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