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BlizzCon 2009 sold out in just eight minutes


Not only was BlizzCon sold out in under a half hour over the two days tickets were on sale, turns out it was all done in eight measly minutes -- like an Onyxia run at lvl 80. Big Download took note of the reveal during Activision Blizzard's conference call with investors, where the publisher with more gold than the old Titan vault in Uldaman revealed the 20,000 tickets were auctioned off at $125 a pop in less time than it takes to be escorted out of a job interview for admitting a World of Warcraft habit.

We spoke with someone deep in the Azerothian trenches, Senior Editor Mike Schramm, who tells us, "The official line might be eight minutes, but I was there: the queue filled up in about 20 seconds. It may have taken eight minutes for the queue to go through and sell the place out, but if you were past about 1800 in the queue, you were out of luck. And they hit that number about 20 seconds in." Sad Pandaren.

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