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If Apple had a huge, shiny Touchstone: WildCharge for iPhone checked out

Chris Ziegler

By far the slickest, most mystical way to charge a smartphone these days comes courtesy of Palm's Touchstone system -- but that doesn't do iPhone owners much good, which is where WildCharge steps up to the plate with a jacket that makes all iPhone models compatible with its wire-free charging mat. It's not as elegant by any stretch of the imagination, but if you squint a little, the jacket (or "adapter skin," as WildCharge calls it) looks like a totally believable case that you might buy in your local Apple store, especially if you can get past the hump at the bottom. iPhone Buzz took the $79.99 pad / jacket combo for a spin recently, and while they've yet to post impressions, the shots of the system doing its thing in its natural habitat might be enough to turn folks on or off. Ultimately, we still think we fall on the "just drop it on the dock before you go to bed" side of this argument -- especially considering the weird hump-laden jacket with exposed metal contacts on back -- but if you're looking for an easy way to charge from a second location that doubles as a conversation piece, WildCharge might have your answer.

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